Picture the scene…

It’s 2015; Facebook has just reached a billion daily users and a picture of a (clearly #whiteandgold) dress has gone viral, leaving everyone questioning their sanity/colour-blindness. The technology sector in the UK is growing four times faster than GDP; and is awash with companies of all shapes and sizes, scrambling for the best and brightest talent. Trying to scale is a challenge. It’s competitive. It’s slowing you down. Now, more than ever before, is the time for a smart and efficient hiring partner.

And how does the technology recruitment sector respond to this surge in demand? Inevitably and unavoidably, it panics. It tries too hard to stand out from the crowd. Desperation sets in, and the myth of the ‘Rockstar Developer’ is born.

Fast-forward to 2019

Many ‘recruiters’ are still guilty of using ill-thought-out methods in a hopeless attempt to be different. If it’s not a Rockstar they’re advertising for, it’s a Ninja. Or a Unicorn. Or a Wizard. In a sector that is literally changing the World, people still aren’t appealing to professionals. And in order to appeal to professionals, you need to be a true professional yourself. That’s where Recruitify can help.

Professional Development

Recruitify recognises that what real professionals want is a job that they love. They want professional development. A maintainable work/life balance. Possibly some more money? No amount of free coffee, fussball tables and comfy breakout areas will substitute for that. We have found the perfect alchemy to match the highest-performing technical talent with the most desirable and interesting companies, using in-depth tech industry knowledge and simplicity in equal measures. No gambles, no gimmicks and definitely no misleading job titles.

Sound interesting? Then get in touch to find out how we can Recruitify your hiring strategy.